Welcome to Nordic leaves - a blog about interior design, founded and written by Edina Sæther.

Here on Nordic leaves you can expect a lot of nordic design, black/white with splashes of color, a whole bunch of design chairs and lamps, fashion, art, food and everything else I find inspiring.

For me interior design is a lifestyle, and that kind of lifestyle is exactly what I`m going to share here with you.

My mission for Nordic leaves is to make this a magical place for dreams and inspiration.


The writings here on Nordic leaves are my own opinions and are not influenced by commercial interests.
I do sell ad space, but only to the companies that I support and whose products I know and believe in.
Free gifts or profitable posts are always marked as /gifted by/, /adlink/ or  /ad/.

When it comes to the photography taken by me; please always ask first before you borrow pictures from my site.
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