the house project


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Haven't been that much into interior lately,
but I feel ready to take this whole house project a step further now.
My hubby and I have decided that by the end of this month,
we'll complete the whole planning stage.

Although planning is fun, I think it's time that we start the renovation.
We're doing the whole job ourselves, except the plumbing and electricity.
We're replacing the insulation, windows, walls, floors, doors...
Basically everything is going down.
First up; the bedrooms and the bathroom.
Budget; none at this time, but we are aware of the actual cost.
Time frame; finish off by the end of June.

Let the renovation begin.


  1. Good luck for that! It is a big project. :-) We are in the middle of our own renovation and I am really looking forward to moving in by the end of march and decorating everything, having a weekend again and sitting in our living room or in the garden. ^^
    I'm curious about your plans.
    Love, Kathy

  2. Før og etter bilder?

  3. travle men ikke minst spennende tider dere har foran dere. gleder meg til å følge med underveis og selvsagt til det ferdige resultatet. Klar, ferdig, gå :-)

    1. Blir så deilig å få rene, hvite flater igjen ;)

  4. hi Edina, I cross my fingers for you :) I dream now about my first flat, but there is only one problem ... I don't know where ;)

  5. I have just found your blog and it's very inspiring! I love the mini calendar in this picture, may I ask where it's from? Isabell