black brick


Photo: Adrien Williams via Dezeen

Since our house is going through a huge face lift the next couple of years,
not just inside, but also outside,
I'm in a constant search for inspiration.
Being a huge fan of black-painted houses
I of course love this black-painted brick house by the Canadian architect Alain Carle.
This is what I call great inspo on a great Friday.

Have a good one!

colorful inspo


Photo: Egon Gade/Montana, Styling: Gitte Kjær

I’m so lucky to be working with Montana every day at my work, so seeing their new magazine,
Montana Living vol 5, makes me really excited.
This time the location takes place in Norway,
and we get to see the meeting between beautiful architecture and majestic nature,
combined with the beautiful Montana furniture.
The styling is as always very inspiring, with so many great color combos.
It sure makes me want to throw out everything white.

Have a colorful Wednesday!



Photo: Margaret M de Lange, Styling: Kråkvik & D´Orazio

Jotun just launched their new color chart, Jotun Balance.
A matte paint with dusty, delicate colors.
I'm very curious about the color soft mint (first picture) and minty breeze.
Maybe something for our new bedroom?!

seat of influence


Photo: Line Klein via Cereal Magazine with thanks

Being the huge chair lover I am, and always will be,
seeing this article in the newest issue of Cereal magazine, made me so happy this morning.
As Charlie Lee-Potter writes:
"Chairs aren't simply places to take the weight off your feet;
they mark territory, they give status.
"Chairs are both currency and metaphor, and we love them".
I couldn't agree more. Chairs really are "seat of influence" (Source).

Since I love the good old classics (from 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s),
for me it's as much about the vision and the craftsmanship behind every chair,
as it is about the form and function.
The story behind the designers thoughts, and his feelings, when designing that special chair,
is for me just as precious as the chair itself.
That's why I'll never understand people who buy knock-offs and replicas
just to satisfy the need of owning a "designer chair".

Enough about that, I'm sooo looking forward to read more about The Chair in Cereal mag.

sleepy monday


Image via

Happy sleepy Monday!

fruit tarts


© nordic leaves photography

I've been making fruit tarts several times this week, with all sorts of fruit and berries.
So easy to make, and tastes absolutely fantastic.
Served with custard or ice cream.
Inspired by this recipe.

wood, wood, wood


Photo: Ioanna Roufopoulou via

Being in need of a bigger bed, and the fact that I'm a bit tired of our white bed,
I'm playing with the thought of having a wooden bed.
I find so much inspiration in the image above.
The only question is; what happens if I get tired of all the wood?!
I can always paint it, right?
Many decisions to make the next weeks I guess.

Wow, is it really Friday again?!
Have a fabulous one!



Photo via Dezeen

A collection of tableware shaped like teardrops by Belgian studio Fou de Feu.
I like it very much.




Love the 3in1 sculpture from Bolia.
Must have.



Photo: Kähler

Globo candle holder by Dorthe Helm for Kähler.
Available in a beautiful granite grey and terracotta color.

ts table


Photo: Gubi

My never ending wishlist is just growing at the moment.
Love, love, love the TS Table by GamFratesi for Gubi.
Available in three sizes, with a marble table top and black lacquered frame.
And the Masculo chair, in the last picture, is also a true beauty.
Paired with The Grossman desk, it's definitely pure perfection.

Happy weekend sweet people!