light and airy


Photo: Sven Benjamins | Styling: Esther Jostmeijer via VTWONEN

Love this light and airy bedroom styling.
Great Thursday inspo.

Btw, last night we slept in our brand new bedroom for the first time.
Magical feeling and I love the huge space we now have.
20 square meters of pure heaven.
Pictures will come soon.




Too early to think about 2015?
Not for me, since I'm a bit too fond of planners and notebooks.
Love the new collection by Marjolein Delhaas.
Already pre-ordered.

open space


Photo: Luc Roymans via KOVE

Love this open space, even if this is just a showroom.
A lot to be inspired by.
And the floors!

monday morning


Photo: offbeat + inspired

Nothing beats a slow Monday morning with a good cup of coffee in bed.
I usually prefer an espresso (Ristretto) from my good old Lattissima+.
But this coffee recipe is on my to-do-list in the near future.
Happy Monday!

grey leather


Photo: Fritz Hansen

Still trying to decide whether we should go for the Egg chair in wool or leather.
Such a tough decision to make, and it does not help seeing images like the one above.
And not to mention the choice of color.
Right now I'm definitely thinking grey leather.

paper foldbags


Photo: Igor Kruter/Ilvy Jacobs

Paper foldbags by Ilvy Jacobs.
Definitely something else than the usual brown paper bag.



© nordic leaves photography

A new green plant has moved in and I love it.
Even mr. Birdie seems to like it.
Happy new week!

a former blacksmith


Photo: Wichmann + Bendtsen via Kinfolk

A former blacksmith transformed into a summer house with authenticity and soul,
by three Danish architects in Lesbos, Greece.
So lovable.

wood cot


Photo: Oliver Furniture via aprilandmayMINI

We've chosen the classic Kili baby and junior bed for our baby boy.
But I do like the new Wood cot from Oliver furniture as well.
Love the details, such as the white oiled Nordic oak.

bake friday


Photo: Food and Cook

Today I’m baking chocolate cupcakes inspired by this recipe.
Happy Friday!