wooden swing


Photo: Sukha Amsterdam

Our goal for our little boy's room is to eventually make it a fun and playful place,
and one thing that has been on my mind is a wooden swing.
I found just the one I've been looking for at Sukha Amsterdam.
But since I have no travel plans to Amsterdam this year,
I think we might just make one of the leftovers from the Dinesen planks.
I'll definitely show you the result when it's done.

loft studio


Photo: Davide Lovatti via

I got speechless seeing this loft.
Everything about it is just pure perfection.
The concrete floors, the windows, the light, the smooth white walls.
Not to mention all the beautiful design furniture and architectural details.
300 sqm studio loft created by Italian artist and photographer Davide Lovatti.



Photo via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Some wanties for our little boy's room.
Well actually, a lot of it has already found its way home.

1. Chester - Acne JR
Eames Elephant - Vitra
Kranium - Acne JR
Cup "DOMBO" - Fine Little Day
Miffy lamp XL - finstil.no
Sheep wool blanket - Rafa Kids
Mono Cat - Donna Wilson

bathroom tiles


Photo: Derek Swalwell via Est Magazine

Love the tiles in this bathroom, both the size and the color.
Great inspo for our bathroom we're about to start renovating.
Here's what's on my mind right now.

linen obsession


Photo: 1, 2, 3, 4

Some bedroom inspiration this sunny tuesday.
My mind is obsessed with linen, cotton and knit fabrics.
I even want long, flowy linen curtains in the windows.
You could call it a total obsession.
The main colors will be white and grey.
Maybe with a touch of dusty blue and green.
Can't wait to start decorating when the renovation is finished.
But first I'm going to enjoy some more sun.
Happy tuesday!

exciting days


Photo: Dinesen

Not many days left now until our floors arrive.
I've already seen them in production,
as Dinesen was kind enough to send me some production images.
I'm so excited, and it's such a great feeling to finally get something I've been waiting for
what seems like a lifetime.



Photo: Ferm Living

If you follow me on instagram, you've might already seen my baby bump?
That's the big news I mentioned in this post by the way.
Thank you for all your warm and sweet comments and likes,
it really means so much more than you'll ever know.
So yes I'm pregnant, and we're expecting a baby boy during this fall.
Both my hubby and I are beyond happy, and we're so excited about meeting our little guy.
All the pregnancy issues I've experienced so far, will definitely be forgotten when he arrives.

Since this will be a huge change in my life, I guess there will be some changes here on my blog as well.
But I can promise you right now that this won't be a baby blog.
This is still MY space for dreams and inspiration, with interior and design as my main theme.
I really have no desire to expose my baby in the media either.
I will of course post some baby room inspo, wish lists, and maybe even the baby's room itself when it's finished.
I have so many thoughts and ideas, you can only imagine.
The Dinesen floors are coming in just two weeks btw, and we’re so excited.
I'll keep you posted.

new in


Photo via Blanka

I just bought The Italic Poster that I've been looking for a very long time.
Can't wait to put it up on our brand new smooth and white walls.






Quiet days here on my blog, as previously announced.
Nothing much to show you from around our home, as the renovation is still going strong.
I don't feel so inspired either, as all my energy goes to the bedroom and bathroom planning.
On my instagram however, there's a lot of action.
Not much interior to show you though, but a lot of foodie moments.
I even have an own food hashtag; #nordicleavesfood.
Some snaps of my latest fashion buys may also occur, but mostly food moments.
It won't be long until I finally can show you the first results from the renovation,
I can promise you that.
Oh, and I might share some h.u.g.e news with you soon as well.
Stay tuned.

P.S. Thank you for voting for me and my team at @vippdotcom.
We won actually! Thank you.