friday inspo


Photo via Cox & Cox

Beautiful xmas inspo from Cox & Cox, as always.
Happy Friday!

munkegaard chair


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The Munkegaard chair, also known as the Mosquito chair, was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1955.
Today the chair is brought back to life again by the Danish brand Howe.
Available from December, in both veneer and stained veneer.



© nordic leaves photography

Danish Boligcious have just released an inspiring Christmas Issue.
They also have a case about teapots where they present so many beauties,
and on page 77 you can find one of my old images (from 2011) of my all time favorite teapot.

On Boligcious blog there's also a Kids category that is worth checking out.
You see, everything kids-related is of high interest for me these days.
Very excited about meeting our little guy.

flower arrangements


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It's so much more stylish to arrange flowers and green plants in several different vases,
instead of placing them in just one big vase.
Definitely something to adapt.

christmas wish


© nordic leaves photography

Love my new scented candle, called Christmas wish, by Neom.
It smells amazing of mandarin, cinnamon and tonka bean, and it looks fab too.
Neom consists of a collection of 100% natural fragrances, all free from artificial ingredients.

polka dots


© nordic leaves photography

This week we're getting the wardrobe, both for our room and the baby's room.
That means that the whole bedroom project is finally coming to an end.

I've started to decorate the baby's room, even though we don’t have much to decorate with for now.
We're planning on making the whole room a bit more colorful, but for now I like it black and white.
The wall behind the bed (and the wardrobe) is covered with black polka dots.
I've used wall stickers so that I can change the look whenever I want to.
I already have these and these as the next ones in line.
A cheap and easy way to change the whole wall.

Need some pictures and this lamp above the bed, and that's it.
At least in this part of the room...



Styling: Thomas Lingsell | Photo: Emily Laye via Fantastic Frank

Definitely no Monday blues here, I just love the color blue in this bedroom.
Happy new week!

wanties II



Love these bodysuits for minis by Piupia.
Very cute and trendy, and made of 100% organic cotton.
The whole collection is super chic and very nordic-leaves-friendly.

weekend bliss


© nordic leaves photography

Now that I'm on my maternity leave, it feels like weekend every day.
Totally unusual, all this spare time, since I'm used to work a lot.
But it does feel good, in a weird way.

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite fashion shops here where I live, Shine,
and oh boy did I get a nice surprise from the fabulous shop owner and the sweet girls working there.
In the most beautiful packaging, there was some of my favorite products from my favorite beauty brand.
I must say I got a little moved, such a sweet and thoughtful surprise.

I can warmly recommend a visit to the fab Shine shop, you'll get the best treat, I can promise you that.
Make sure to also visit their webshop, Instagram, Facebook page and blog.

Happy Friday everyone!

/the Aesop products are gifted by Shine/

flos 265


© nordic leaves photography

A tiny peek into our bedroom again.
It is in constant change, and I do love it.
We've finally put up the Flos 265 lamp above our bed.
Couldn't be more happier with this solution, for now anyway.
Yep, I might have other plans for this beauty when the kitchen is renovated.
I must say that I'm also still very happy with the whole black-white-woody look.
I like to stay true to our style, even if it's tempting to follow the trends.
It's all about keeping it clean and simple.

Happy Thursday!

holiday season candles


Photo: Byredo

I'm a huge fan of Byredo, and one of their holiday season candles is highly desired right now.