autumn days


© nordic leaves photography

Some random snaps from our bedroom, that all put me in the right autumn mood.
Warm textiles, green plants and cozy slippers.

The days are getting shorter and the air is getting cooler.
I really don't mind, since I'm a big fan of everything autumn has to offer.
I'm a big fan of all seasons, when I come to think about it.
So looking forward to the upcoming season, this year with a baby on board.

Happy Friday!

cute ghosts


Photo: The Oak Men

I would love to decorate for Halloween with these cute ghosts from Danish The Oak Men.

black + wood


Photo via Design Milk

Can’t get enough of black and wood kitchen inspo, since that's what we're considering for our new kitchen.
Luckily not a choice I have to make today, but very soon however.
Happy, inspiring Monday!

grown alchemist


Photo: Grown Alchemist

Being a sucker for natural and organic skin care, coming across the brand Grown Alchemist made me so curious.
The packaging looks so nice and the selection of products is impeccable.
Time to place an order I think.



Photo: Erik Jørgensen

Love the Toward sofa by Anne Boysen for Erik Jørgensen.
Actually, it's a sofa, upholstered chair and chaise lounge in one.
And I of course, as always, love the little, but oh so important, details,
such as the legs in solid oak, and the shoes in solid brass or aluminum.
Nordic design - the way I like it.

our old home


© nordic leaves photography

Going down the memory lane today, because today it's one year ago
since we moved out of our apartment and in to our house.
I've missed our old place a lot, I can't argue on that.

It's not as much about the place, as it is about the atmosphere I guess.
The smooth concrete walls, the shiny white floors, the light....
But finally, I can finally say that I don't miss this anymore.
I love our house so much, and now that we're finally finishing the first stage of our renovation,
I can again feel the same atmosphere, the same vibe, I had in our previous home.
Because let's face it, it's never about the place,
it's about the small things that makes the place feel like a home, our home.

janinge chair


Photo: Ragnar Ómarsson/Livet Hemma

Janinge chair, a collaboration between Swedish Form Us With Love and IKEA.
I think it's a beautiful chair.
Happy Monday!

the shop of the new


Photo: The Shop Of The New

Love the new Danish furniture and design shop, The Shop Of the New, by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri.

As they write on their page, this is;
"An unmistakable world of nordic-ness, ideas and excitement.
The shop is a showcase for diverse and eccentric objects,
complementing the furniture collection from Københavns Møbelsnedkeri
with a selection of graphic art prints, kitchenware, skateboards, paper cuts etc" (Source).

You can see some of my favorites on the pictures above.
The brass knobs and one of the skateboards got to be mine.
And I love the childrens furniture by Collect Furniture.
Wanna go and visit the shop now!

our bedroom|a sneak peek


© nordic leaves photography

Few weeks ago I gave you a sneak peek at the baby's room.
Today I'm finally ready to show you a small preview of our bedroom.

As you can see, I'm very careful with the colors at the moment.
Instead, I've gone mad with one special color in our wardrobe.
I'll show you what I mean in a few weeks when the wardrobe arrives.
The rest of the bedroom I just want to keep neutral and calm.
Mixing different textures adds that little extra anyway I guess.
No photos or lamps on the walls just yet, as we're afraid of making holes.
We just need to settle a bit more before everything falls into place.
Can't believe we have smooth white walls again.
And the floors, oh how I love our floors!
Feels like birthday and x-mas at the same time.
More to come.

light and airy


Photo: Sven Benjamins | Styling: Esther Jostmeijer via VTWONEN

Love this light and airy bedroom styling.
Great Thursday inspo.

Btw, last night we slept in our brand new bedroom for the first time.
Magical feeling and I love the huge space we now have.
20 square meters of pure heaven.
Pictures will come soon.