spring mood


Photo: VIPP

Love these styling images of the Vipp ceramics.
So fresh and inspiring, and put me in the right spring mood.

I am very up for a spring break, maybe something like last year,
but this year we'll be working on our house, and all travels have to wait.
Luckily I have no issues with spending our holiday here at home,
seeing progress in our renovation makes me so happy.
That means that we're one step closer to our dream home.

It might be some quiet days here on my blog in the upcoming weeks.
I hope you’ll all have a fabulous spring.



Photo via Dezeen

Collection of engraved crystal and copper vessels,
designed to purify and serve water, by Formafantasma.

trondheim designevent


Illustatør: Esra Røise

Endelig skjer det ting her i byen min også.
26. og 27. april er det duket for Trondheim Designevent.
Det blir foredrag og fest, shopping i noen av byens fineste butikker
og mulighet for å ta seg en matbit på noen av Trondheims beste spisesteder.
I tillegg blir det et bloggevent på magiske Stokkøya.
Fantastiske Anniken Zahl Furunes er hjernen og drivkraften bak eventet,
I tillegg får hun hjelp av tre andre herlige jenter, som alle gjør det de kan for at dette blir en fab helg.

Påmelding til Trondheim Designevent skjer HER, og hvis du er blogger finner du mer info HER.

Jeg skal - skal du?

/ A design event is finally taking place here in my city in April. I’m so excited! /

thursday mix


Image via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Busy days here lately.
We're working on our house, both inside and outside.
Well, we actually have a small break now, due to my hubbys back injury.
Nothing dramatic, but he do needs recovery and TLC.
Since my last update we've taken a decision about the floors.
It’s going to be the most beautiful floor in the world.
I'll be back with some more updates later.
Happy Thursday!



Photo: Focus

Gyrofocus fireplace - created by Dominique Imbert in 1968.
The first suspended, 360° pivoting fireplace.
Exhibited in various museums, such as New York's Guggenheim Museum.
Named the 'World's most beautiful object' in 2009.
On top of my wishlist right now.

swoon bathroom


Photo: Kristofer Johnsson, Styling: Lotta Agaton, for Swoon

While everyone is talking about the styling by Lotta Agaton,
I'm actually more interested in the bathroom design concept Swoon.
Swoon is produced in Scandinavia and sold online.
And the concept is that you can customize your own bathroom furniture,
with the choice of color, handles, legs and faucets.
I especially like the Side series.
So simple and minimalistic, but very beautiful.

Happy new week!

call me cupcake


Photo: call me cupcake

Have you ever visited the Swedish cake blog call me cupcake?
If not, then it is about time you did.
So many beautiful pictures of so many delicious cakes.
Today I'm sharing three of my favorites from the blog;
cherry vanilla cake, cherry pavlova and no-bake berry cheesecake.
If my KitchenAid was still working, yes it broke again,
I would definitely make one of these this weekend.
Definitely saving it for another time.
Happy Friday sweet people!

insta coffee





A lot of coffee moments @nordicleaves lately.
Just to compensate for the lack of interior photos I guess.
Nothing much happening here right now,
except that we're in the middle of the bedroom renovation.
Until I'm ready to show you the renovation outcome,
coffee moments will have to do.
xoxo, the coffee lover

wood love


Photo via

Love the work of South Korean Bahk Jong Sun.
Functional and really nice objects.